Horse jumping over an obstacle at an equine event

A horse unseats its rider in the showring and jumps into a pedestrian walkway…  a contractor or volunteer is injured on-site...

As the organiser of any rural event are you:

  • Responsible?
  • Insured?
  • Have you created an Event Safety Plan?
  • Did you undertake a Risk Assessment?

In simple terms… do you know your legal obligations?

All event organisers hope that nothing goes wrong, but it is your responsibility to keep your staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors safe. This training course will help you ensure that everyone involved knows how to deal with any situation and what actions to take before, during and after the event.

This new training course, delivered through a pre-recorded hour-long webinar and five short e-learning modules, which you can undertake at a time and pace to suit you, costs only £30 per applicant. Once completed, you will receive a Lantra Rural Training Event certificate.

The course content will focus on some of the essential issues which should be considered when planning any rural event including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Administration
  • Site management
  • Livestock & equine
  • Marketing
  • Finance. 
A man displaying a highland cow at a rural event

Delivered by Lantra, in collaboration with the Association of Show and Agricultural Organisations (ASAO), the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society (RWAS) and Welsh Government, this training was developed in direct response to the “Agricultural Shows in Wales Resilience Review” carried out in 2020 by well-known personality and Nuffield scholar Aled Rhys Jones.

Highlighting the importance of rural shows to local economies and communities, which were all halted due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Mr. Jones said that despite being a huge blow to thousands of individuals and organisations, show cancellations had given many organisers the opportunity to reassess delivery of their events, to put in place changes and capitalise on the growing appreciation of supporting local farmers as food producers.

Mr Jones’ report contained recommendations on how events could be supported in the future.

Greater collaboration between shows should be encouraged and the ASAO would be instrumental in this process. 

“This new Lantra training now available to all individuals working or volunteering in the show or events industry, will be of great benefit to help professionalise all rural events, in Wales and throughout the UK.

“With so few courses targeted at organisers of agricultural shows and other rural events, I’m confident there will be significant interest in this very accessible and affordable training. Furthermore, the Lantra certificate issued upon completion will be a hugely valuable qualification.”

 Mr Paul J Hooper OBE, Secretary, ASAO responded:

As we come out of the pandemic and start to move to a new normal there have been, for most organisers, no shows for two years.

“This training package will be such a good refresher for those returning to the industry and a comprehensive induction for those now re-joining it.”

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