Tyfu Cymru

Tyfu Cymru, aimed at driving growth and sustainability in the horticulture industry in Wales, has achieved an impressive array of targets after five successful years of innovation and collaboration, and leaves a lasting legacy in the Welsh horticulture sector. 


Over 1,400 participants, representing over 400 grower enterprises took part in 1381 fully funded training days.


The work of Tyfu Cymru will continue from 1 April 2023 and will be incorporated into Farming Connect. Horticulture is a target sector for the Welsh Government, with the next phase of Farming Connect delivery designed to reflect the over-arching themes of sustainability, improved environmental performance and greater global competitiveness. Growers who are not currently registered with Farming Connect, can contact the service centre on 03456 000 813 to continue to access funded support.


Tyfu Cymru Programme Celebrates Success in Boosting Welsh Horticulture (businessnewswales.com)


For more information please contact wales@lantra.co.uk